WDS International Leadership Summit at 23rd WCD, Vancouver

Dear All,

For all those who are going to 23rd WCD,Vancouver,on behalf of WDS,I would like to invite you to join us for a wonderful International Leadership Forum on 7th June evening to 8th June 2015 at Fairmont Pacific Ring,Vancouver.Registration for this event or only for dinner meet on 7th June can be done at the WDS website.
This would have “Vancouver highlights” and “Ice breakers” on 7th June followed by dinner.On 8th June there is a walk organised by Vancouver Derms followed by breakfast meeting, an International Panel of WDS Speakers and wonderful interactive sessions on “Negotiation Skills” ,”Time Management” and “Mindfulness Training”.
Of course there are few meetings so it will have to be in and out and choosing different times for sessions. Please find the attached brochure.



WDS Intenational Leadership Forum