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IADVL is one of the largest dermatologic associations in the world. With a membership touching nearly 6000, IADVL is the most representative organization of the composite discipline of Dermato-venereo-leprology in India. IADVL is committed to:
  • The promotion and advancement of Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology and allied subjects in India.
  • The creation of public opinion and consciousness in all these different specialties and education of the public in matters relating to the prevention and cure of these diseases in all their aspects and to carry on such publicity as may be found necessary or feasible for attainment of these objects.
  • The promotion of high standards in clinical practice, education and research through professional fellowship, co-operation and exchange of views amongst members and to uphold their interests
History of Indian Association of Dermatologists,
Venereologists and Leprologists, Delhi State Branch
(Input by Dr. Sanjiv Khandari and Dr. Vineet Relhan)
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Early years the Milestones

The first branch in Delhi was founded in the year 1955 by Dr. P.N.Behl1, when he was the Chief of Dermatology in the Irwin hospital (now Lok Nayak Jaiprakash Narayan Hospital).

The next landmark was the holding of the First National Conference at Delhi in February 1962 (the fourth after Bombay (Dec 27-28 1947), Calcutta (April 14-15 1951), and Madras (Dec 1956). In this Conference it was decided to merge and affiliate Indian Association of Dermatology and Venereology (IADV) with the Association of Physicians of India (API) and from the year 1963 the combined Conference become an annual feature being held jointly with API.2-4 The aim was that this would provide a greater exposure to the specialty and also give on opportunity (to members of IADV) to interact with the Physicians. This continued till 1974, after which the affiliation was given up and IADV become on Independent body.5 Around the same time a rift going on between IADV and Dermatology Society of India (DSI) was also resolved at a meeting in Udaipur and on Jan 28, 1973 both unanimously agreed on reunification and this amalgamation resulted in the association being named Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists (IADV&L), and the office of the New Association was setup in New Delhi. Dr. B.N.Bannerjee was unanimously appointed the first President of the IADV&L and the first Conference was held at Udaipur Jan 29-31, 1973. The Association was registered under its new name at Varanasi in May 1975.

The establishment of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in 1956, under on Act of Parliament in New Delhi, was a conspicuous landmark in the history of Dermatology specialty and of course the Delhi State Branch of IADV&L. In 1960 Dr. K.C.Kandhari was selected to head the first separate department of Dermatology and Vereneology in the Country, which offered an MD Degree in Dermatology and Vereneology. Students from all over India, and even abroad and some senior teachers in their own institutions joined this course, and within a span of 10 years his students occupied senior posts in Dermatology and Vereneology, all over the Country and started running their own independent departments. Thus a teacher became a grand teacher, and then, a great grand teacher and so on with every new generation of students joining the course. Dr. K.C.Kandhari thus attained the status of a father figure and a legend in the specialty of Indian Dermatology.

Dr. K.C.Kandhari founder HOD of Dermatology, AIIMS 1960.

In 1961 the Indian Academy of Medical Sciences (now the National Academy of Medical Sciences), was formed in New Delhi. Distinguished members of different specialties were founding members, Dermatology was represented by Dr. R.V.Rajam, Dr. P.N.Rangiah and Dr. K.C.Kandhari. The other members of Delhi State Branch who have been conferred the fellowship of National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS) are Dr. B.M.S.Bedi, Dr. L.K.Bhutani, Dr. J.S.Pasricha, Dr. V.N.Sehgal and Dr. V.K.Sharma. The stage was now set for postgraduate teaching of Dermatology in India and in Delhi. Since then many more Medical Colleges have been recognized for training Post Graduates in Delhi. Chief amongst those being:

  1. Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC).
  2. Lady Harding Medical College (RMLH).
  3. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital (RMLH).
  4. University College of Medical Sciences (UCMS).
  5. Safdarjung Hospital (SJH).
  6. Behl Skin Institute.
On Going Activities

The IADV&L provides a common platform to all qualified dermatologist, promotes professional exchange of views between its members and affords a sense of fraternity and comradeship. It endevours to impart an identity to the specialty, recognizes the work of senior academicians and research workers and encourages the youngsters and postgraduates to update and present and take part in monthly meetings and CME updates.

The Delhi Branch, has about 550 members, it holds a mid-summer symposium and an Annual Conference, besides monthly CME meetings. It also holds an Annual Dinner for its members and spouses to build a sense of fraternity amongst its members. The election of the executives of state branch also takes place at this Annual Conference.

International Conferences held in Delhi

The first interaction between the IADV&L and the International Society of Tropical Dermatology was held in New Delhi, through an International Conference in 1976 under the theme “Pigmentary Dermatosis”. Dr. P.N.Behl was the President and Dr. L.K.Bhutani its Secretary.

The Delhi Branch also in collaboration with the IADV&L hosted the VII International Congress of Dermatology in New Delhi, Taj Place Hotel from Feb 27 to March 2, 1994. Dr. L.K.Bhutani was the President and Dr. R.K.Pandhi the Honorary Secretary.

33rd National Conference of IADV&L and the 4th South Asian Regional Conference of Dermatology Venereology and Leprosy (SARC) in India was held in Delhi (being the first SARC Conference in India), Ashoka Hotel in Feb 2–6, 2005. The President of the Conference was Dr. V.K.Upadhyaya and Dr. V.K.Garg its Honorary General Secretary, Dr. B.S.N.Reddy was the Chairman of the Scientific Committee.

Zonal Conference held in Delhi (Dermazone – North)
In 2008 (Sept. 27-28) Delhi Branch also hosted the first Dermazone (North) combining all states of North zone Delhi, Punjab, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, UP, Uttranchal and J&K. Dr. Ram Chander was its President and Dr. Rishi Prasahar its Secretary, Dr. Sanjiv Kandhari was the Chairman of the Scientific Committee. This conference started a new chapter in the history of North India and is going to be a regular feature Annually of North Zone States of IADV&L. The next conference is to be held in Rohtak (Haryana) in 2009. The Aim of Dermazone - North is to give more chance to PG students and younger Dermatologist to present papers and their research work at a zonal conference, especially those who are unable to travel to the national conference.
Presidents and Hony. Secretaries of IADVL DSB

Besides this Annual Conferences at state level are being held every year since (1973) its office bearers and torch bearers are listed below (Table-I).

All Past Presidents / Honorary Secretaries of IADVL (DBS)       (Table-I)

Year President Honorary Secretary
1973 Dr. P. N. Behl Dr. T. R. Bedi
1974 Dr. K. C. Verma Dr. B. K. Sood
1975 Dr. Dharampal Dr. R. K. Pandhi
1976 Dr. B. B. Ahuja Dr. R. S. Misra
1977 Dr. D. N. Mulay Dr. R. S. Misra
1978 Dr. D. N. Mulay Dr. R. S. Misra
1979 Dr. P. N. Behl Dr. T. R. Bedi
1980 Dr. J. S. Pasricha Dr. O. P. Singh
1981 Dr. Dharampal Dr. G. R. Bagga
1982 Dr. N. C. Bhargava Dr. G. R. Bagga
1983 Dr. V. N. Sehgal Dr. R. V. Koranne
1984 Dr. Sardari Lal Dr. K. K. Singh
1985 Dr. L. C. Anand Dr. R. K. Jain
1986 Dr. T. R. Bedi Dr. Sanjiv Kandhari
1987 Dr. R. S. Misra Dr. V. Ramesh
1988 Dr. S. D. Choudhary Dr. K. K. Bhatia
1989 Dr. R. C. Sharma Dr. H. K. Kar
1990 Dr. A. K. Sharma Dr. H. K. Kar
1991 Dr. R. K. Pandhi Dr. J. A. Sundharam
1992 Dr. Sanjiv Kandhari Dr. V. K. Upadhyaya
1993 Dr. H. K. Kar Dr. A. K. Hindocha
1994 Dr. V. K. Upadhyaya Dr. D. M. Mahajan
1995 Dr. R. K. Jain Dr. R. K. Gautam
1996 Dr. B. S. N. Reddy Dr. Ram Chander
1997 Dr. D. M. Mahajan Dr. Niti Khunger
1998 Dr. V. Ramesh Dr. M. Ramam
1999 Dr. R. P. Gupta Dr. Binod K. Khaitan
2000 Dr. V. K. Sharma Dr. Kaushal K. Verma
2001 Dr. J. A. Sundharam Dr. Anil Ganjoo
2002 Dr. J. A. Sundharam Dr. Anil Ganjoo
2003 Dr. Vijay K. Garg Dr. Atul M. Kochhar
2004 Dr. Vijay K. Garg Dr. Atul M. Kochhar
2005 Dr. Anil Ganjoo Dr. Kabir Sardana
2006 Dr. Anil Ganjoo Dr. Kabir Sardana
2007 Dr. Ram Chander Dr. Rishi Parashar
2008 Dr. Ram Chander Dr. Rishi Parashar 
2009 Dr. Archana Singal            Dr. Vineet Relhan
2010 Dr. M. Ramam Dr. Vineet Relhan
Delhi Branch Members – National Executive - Positions Held

Delhi Also has the distinction of having various members being elected to distinguished position in the National Executive. The various National Presidents from Delhi Branch being Dr. B.M.S.Bedi, Dr. L.K.Bhutani, Dr. V.N.Sehgal, Dr. J.S.Pasricha, and Dr. V.K.Sharma.

Dr. J.S.Pasricha was also the Chief Editor of IJDV&L (1984-1990), and Dr. S.Kandhari, the Associate Editor (year 1998-2003).

Awards received by members of Delhi State Branch

The Delhi Branch has the distinction having received maximum number of international and national awards of repute in Dermatology.

  1. Castellani Reiss Medal : Conferred on Dr. K.C.Kandhari by the President of the International Society of Dermatology Sigfrid Muller in 1994, for lifetime of service to Dermatology at the VII International Congress of Dermatology, New Delhi, India Feb 26 to March 2, 1994. Dr. Kandhari is the only Asian to have received this award till date.
  2. B.C. Roy Award was awarded to Dr. L.K.Bhutani in 1987, for excellence in teaching. Dr. Bhutani was also the recipient of Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh) in 1987, Dr. V.N.Sehgal also received this award in 1988.
  3. Dermatologist of the Millennium Award : Dr. J.S.Pasricha received this award in 2000 (Jan 27-30) at the 28th National Conference of IADV&L held at Banglore. Incidentally Dr. J.S.Pasricha also holds a PhD Degree in Dermatology, besides he has 13 new inventions and patents to his credit.
  4. Dr. K.C.Kandhari Foundation Award : Conferred on Dr. V.N.Sehgal at the 36th National Conference of IADV&L held at Chandigarh 24-27 Jan 2008. Dr. Sehgal was also awarded the Jalma Trust Fund Oration (ICMR) Award in 1988.
Delhi State Branch Annual Awards

Besides the above National and International Awards Delhi Branch Confers three Awards at its Annual Conference. The recipients of these awards are listed in Table-II, III, and IV :

1. Dr. (Dr.) K.C.Kandhari Memorial Award. (Table-II)
Awarded as a lifetime achievement award in Dermatology.
Year Doctors Name
1996 Dr. J. S. Pasricha
1997 Dr. J. S. Mehata
1998 Dr. (Brig.) Dr. P. N. Arora
1999 Dr. H. K. Kar
2000 Dr. Raj Kubba
2001 Dr. (Col.) S. K. Sayal
2002 Dr. L. K. Bhutani
2003 Dr. K. C. Verma
2004 Dr. R. P. Gupta
2005 Dr. Vijay K. Garg
2006 Dr. R. K. Jain
2007 Dr. V. N. Sehgal
2008 Dr .H S Girgla
2009 Dr. V K Upadhyaya

2. Dr. (Dr.) Sardari Lal Memorial Award. (Table-III)
Awarded as a lifetime achievement award in Dermatology & STD.

Year Doctors Name
1997 Dr. R. S. Misra
1998 Dr. B. M. S. Bedi
1999 Dr. M. C. Baruah
2000 Dr. R. C. Sharma
2001 Dr. D. D. Ganguli
2002 Dr. R. K. Pandhi
2003 Dr. R. V. Koranne
2004 Dr. Sanjiv Kandhari
2005 Dr. J. A. Sundaram
2006 Dr. Neena Khanna
2007 Dr. Kaushal K. Verma
2008 Dr.  S B Srivastava
2009 Dr. Ram chander

3. Best CME Award Winner Revolving Trophy. (Table-IV)

Year Doctors Name
1994 Dr. Yashodhara Sharma
1995 Dr. Raj Narayan
1996 Dr. Shela Agarwal
1997 Dr. P.D’Souza
1998 Dr. Anita Nagia
1999 Dr. Sujay Khandpur
2000 Dr. Deepika Pandhi
2001 Dr. Atul M. Kochhar
2002 Dr. Chander Grover Kubba
2003 Dr. Rakhee Choukhany
2004 Dr. Amit Luthra
2005 Dr. Alka Goyal
2006 Dr. Komal Aggarwal
2007 Dr. Vivek Nair
2008 Dr Siddharth Sonthalia
2009 Dr Shalini Malhotra
Book’s on Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology by Indian Authors Delhi State Branch.
Books Name Authors Name
1. Colour Atlas Derma & STD : Dr. L.K.Bhutani, Dr. V.N.Sehgal, Dr. Neena Khanna
2. Textbook of Clinical Dermatology : Dr. V.N.Sehgal
3. Clinical Methods : Dr. J.S.Pasricha
4. Treatment of Skin Diseases : Dr. J.S.Pasricha
5. Monograph on Skin & STD : Dr. Sanjiv Kandhari
6. Practice of Dermatology : Dr. P.N.Behl
7. Dermatologic Drug Directory : Dr. V.N.Sehgal
8. Clinical Leprosy : Dr. V.N.Sehgal
9. Dermatopathology : Dr. Rammam, Dr. Manoj Singh
10. Contact Dermatitis : Dr. J.S.Pasricha
11. Textbook of STD & Urticaria : Dr. V.K.Sharma
12. Multiple Choice Questions : Dr. Ramji Gupta
13. Comprehensive textbook of Dermatology : Dr V.K. Garg & Dr. Kabir Sardana
14. Exam based MCQ"s in Dermatology : Dr V.K. Garg & Dr. Kabir Sardana
Delhi State Branch of IADV&L now has its own office
In 2008 the Delhi chapter of IADV&L brought an office space in Central Delhi – 23, Darya Ganj. This was another milestone in the history of Delhi State Branch. This would provide a permanent office address to the IADV&L (DSB), besides it would have a permanent office for both the President and Secretary of the association along-with space for holding executive, GBM & CME’s meetings for the members. The office would also have all records and relevant documents pertaining to branch activities besides having archives of the DSB & a library for its members.

In writing down the History of Delhi chapter of IADV&L, I must admit that most of the information collected is through memory of senior colleagues and members of IADV&L thus I might have omitted or written some information which is not factually correct, for which I ask forgiveness as it is un-intentional and can easily be corrected in the future. Someone has to take responsibility of writing and pen down facts for the future generation of IADV&L members to follow who would otherwise forget the effort and struggle, which have gone into making Delhi State Branch as one of the best braches of IADV&L today.
Constitution of IADVL Delhi State Branch
Delhi State Branch won the Best state Branch award for the year 2009.